World Class Manufacturer Of Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Machined Castings.

We are a ISO / TS 16949 certified world class manufacturer of Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Machined Castings.

ISO/TS 16949

Certified Manufacturer

80,000 Sq. Feet

Manufacturing Area

250 Workers

Number Of Workforce

350 Tons Per Month

Casting Capacity

Sanmati Precision Engineering

Known as Sanmati Precision Engineering Private Limited

We are an ISO/TS 16949 certified world-class manufacturer of Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Machined Castings.  Having a built-up manufacturing area of 80,000 Sq. Feet and 250 workforces. we have fully integrated casting and machining operations run in environmentally friendly foundries and machine shops. Our specialization is in supplying intricate, cored, and fully machined cast components in the weight range of 6-70 kg and in the volume range of 1,00-15,000 quantities per month to OEMs and system manufacturers. The installed casting capacity is 350 tons per month.


Front Wheel Hub

Front Hub scorpico

Front Hub Brg.2WD

Tapper Roller

Telco Worn (Blank for Worn)

Nut Main Blank (Telco)

Taffe Nut

Planetary Carrier


  • We go with the customer’s words.
  • We are well exposed & experienced in global business.
  • International practices in the form of An ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certification.
  • We have maintained a strong organizational structure.
  • On-time delivery, excellent quality, speedy development, responding quickly-these are objectives & motives of our business.



To produce first-time-right components and meets customers’ requirements by continuously improving the manufacturing process and enhancing productivity 


We will build a dedicated and motivated team by continuously improving skills and giving a safe and healthy working environment to achieve prosperity.


To increase the value of stakeholder by fostering growth through customer delight and employees satisfaction


To invest and upgrade into the latest technology to meet time to time environment norms and be responsible towards society.


  • Committed to Customer delights.
  • The integrity of Employees.
  • Passionately ensuring quality.
  • Business ethics and transparency
  • Safety in everything.
  • Treat vendors as partners.
  • Contribution to the nation and society.
  • Proactive


Sanmati industries have received many awards for its notable work in this sector like “KOEL Vasundhara Sanvedana Puraskar 2014” “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vanshree Puraskar 2012”, “RIETER best development in 2016-17 and KOEL supplier quantity improvement contest 2015 winner “and many more…


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Abhishek Havale
Abhishek Havale
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Sanmati Engineers, has provided Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Machined Castings As per requirement. I think It is the Only Company which Provides All types of CNC Machine Component with On time delivery At resonable rates At least in Kolhapur.
Sourabh Jadhav
Sourabh Jadhav
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Enthasuastic Environment.....Good relations with Customer....And most importantly... Excellent Manufacturer..... Satisfies All Customer requirements..👍👍👍👍👌


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